Our Brief Moment


I  recently returned from a business meeting in the heartland, Topeka Kansas. I went there expecting the usual, some creative financial planning and investment ideas, as well as the current thinking of people in the business of giving investment advice.

Was I ever wrong! I came away with a totally different perspective of how to provide the service I do, and a deeper understanding of what is truly important about what I do, what we all do, every day.

You know the great philosophical question of the ages. The one that asks, “why am I here?” Or, put another way, “what is the meaning of life?”

I am now confident, for the first time in my life, that I know the answer. It is so very simple, yet absolutely profound.

I believe we are all here to serve the highest purpose we are willing and able to undertake. I know I come to this realization somewhat late in life, and many may ask what took me so long.

I now understand it’s not particularly important I manage money for a handful of friends and clients. It’s not that I have learned the strategies of tax reduction, or the comparative advantages or disadvantages of mutual funds or treasury bonds.

No, it’s something of far greater value than all of that. For me the meaning of my life is to help, in some small measure, my friends, family, clients, those I love and hold dear, successfully navigate this great journey we call life.

I am a guide, a steward to all who will allow me this privilege. My purpose is to demonstrate by word and deed, quickly and often, my love and concern for their happiness, and their well being.

We are here for but a brief moment, and it is so very important what we do with the time we are allotted. And so I will strive to do all I can, every day, to accomplish my task. This is my pledge, my mission, my great understanding.

So this trip has changed me, forever. For that I thank all who sponsored and participated in the educational program that I’m sure has done far more for me than intended. I particularly thank a man named Jack Keeter, our primary speaker and educator in Topeka.

And so we continue, together, on our remarkable journey.


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