9 Surefire Ways to Increase Your Retirement Income


The old saying ‘money can’t buy happiness’ is not necessarily true. My contention is that money can absolutely contribute to a higher quality of life, which in turn can contribute to a higher level of happiness. And at no time in our lives is this more important than retirement, because it’s unlikely most of us will be able to increase our income by going back to work in our 70’s or 80’s.

Whether you’re approaching retirement, or have been retired for many years, income is crucial to your financial security, and even to your very health. Many studies have shown insufficient income during our working years, but particularly during retirement, can cause worry and insecurity in our day to day living, which can lead to ill health over time. Read the rest of this entry »

11 Crucial Retirement Planning Mistakes, and How to Avoid Them


1) Underestimating the effects of inflation: If you retire on $4,000 month today, in 15 years @ 3% inflation you will need $6,232 month just to stay even with the cost of living. Moral: Do not invest solely in fixed interest investments; build part of your portfolio with inflation hedges, i.e. mutual funds, exchange traded funds, real estate etc.

2) Not properly allocating your investments: Putting all your assets in fixed interest accounts runs the risk of falling behind the cost of living. (See above) Conversely, all your assets in inflation hedges puts your assets at risk of principal loss, at the time of your life you can least afford it. The Watchword here is Balance! Read the rest of this entry »