Why I Do What I Do


People often ask me what I do and of course I explain. Another question, though rarely asked, is why I do what I do?

The answer to that question was driven home recently by a call I received from an elderly retiree. Her husband had died some years earlier, so in many ways she was on her own. Her knowledge of financial matters was limited and she had no relationships with anyone who could provide professional guidance. No one to turn to for answers to the many questions she had, or the many questions she did not know to ask. Read the rest of this entry »

Our Brief Moment


I  recently returned from a business meeting in the heartland, Topeka Kansas. I went there expecting the usual, some creative financial planning and investment ideas, as well as the current thinking of people in the business of giving investment advice.

Was I ever wrong! I came away with a totally different perspective of how to provide the service I do, and a deeper understanding of what is truly important about what I do, what we all do, every day.

You know the great philosophical question of the ages. The one that asks, “why am I here?” Or, put another way, “what is the meaning of life?” Read the rest of this entry »