Steve Hood

Financial Advisor and Coach


A Tireless Advocate for the Mature Single Woman


Fact: Women’s pensions and social security benefits are usually less than their male counterparts

Fact: Women statistically live longer than men

Fact: 9 out of 10 women manage their finances alone at some point in their lives

Fact: Many newly divorced  and widowed women make hasty and ill advised decisions

Solution: Seek the guidance of experienced professionals concerning tax, legal and financial matters

Our Valued Clients

Steve’s special expertise is working closely with the mature single woman. The reason for this service is throughout his career he has seen too many women, particularly the newly divorced or widowed, taken advantage of by some in the financial services arena.

Steve has made it his mission to help as many women as he can make sense of the complexities of the world of finance, in a transparent and holistic manner.


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